Here is The Hoff with heartfelt feelings to MAZ who is not only the consumate professional but does her job with passion and a great attitude ( "what are we having.?.. FUN!!") and knows how to get the best performances out of everyone and connect with her audience!! Here's to hoping we work together again, David Hoff .. no more Hassel 👍😁
— David Hassellhoff
In an oversaturated world full of shrinking attention spans, it becomes increasingly difficult to create content that is both capturing & engaging. In the many years I have been in the entertainment industry, I've seen no one do this better than Marion Farrelly. She is forward thinking, innovative & has a way of bringing out things in people that would otherwise lay dormant.  On a personal level she is stylish, warm, genuine & honest. I can't speak more highly of Marion!  Kind regards, Guy
— Guy Sebastian
I've known Maz (when you come to Australia you're immediately presented a shortened nickname) for over 15 years now. In an industry where you meet A LOT of frosty characters, Marion was more a friend than a boss. She earned my respect very early with her creative input but more importantly, how she presented all her information in a very engaging way. An absolute pleasure to work with.
Nova 96.9 Breakfast & National Drive Announcer
Maz knows the importance of a good quality story, not only in terms of its context, but equally important the timing, the tone and the language of telling that story. Maz is acutely aware of the story telling pitch, engaging the audience and capturing the excitement. She often used it when producing The Celebrity Apprentice and had people fixated and eating out of her hands. Her business is something corporates and the Government desperately need.
Mark Bouris

Taking on a new skill with reality TV was a daunting experience. Given my professional background of AFL coaching it was important to me that it was authentic & real with how I communicated with the players & connected to people watching.

Having 6-8 cameras taking every angle, every minute made it harder but without doubt working with Maz helped me to express my personality & presence in front of the camera. There wasn't a day that I didn't feel adequately prepared, briefed or supported with the detail of the script or a gentle word of encouragement to be in the right frame of mind.  


Probably the most significant strength that Maz brings is her knowledge of people. This no doubt helps create a story & shape it into something powerful that people connect too. With her knowledge I was able to ask the right questions that helped me dig a little deeper, changed the intensity of the moment or know how to lighten the mood in sensitive situations. The feedback that I received on the quality of the content from parents & kids made my experience rewarding. 

The AFL environment is based around having an elite, talented team. Being an AFL coach relies on a support team that works together behind the scenes in the interest of producing the best product.

I was very fortunate to be able to have the exact same thing on the Recruit. I am convinced that the camaraderie amongst the crew assisted us becoming an award winning show & am very proud to have been part of this team that worked tirelessly together. 

Maz is a creative genius & would be able to add significant value to any person or team wanting to share their story & help them communicate to teams or customers, in an engaging, creative & authentic way

Marion Farrelly is a legend in the entertainment industry. She knows exactly what engages & entertains audiences. Frankly, Marion is second-to-none at training talent to be 'camera-ready'. You know the line from Sunset Boulevard, "Alright Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up"? Well you won't be, without Ms. Farrelly's magic touch. Oh, & she has a terrific sense of humour. Seriously, I cannot recommend her more highly.
Journalist, writer, host, speaker, trainer, social commentator
Having worked with Maz on ABC's Reality Check, I can confirm she is a hilarious, talented, charming so-and-so. She's done it all when it comes to making great television and there's no question she absolutely knows her stuff. 
Marion has been a fabulous guest on several courses and events here at AFTRS. Her insight, deep industry knowledge & generosity has hugely benefitted our students. She has inspired our TV presenting students & also, very importantly, made them laugh. She is an industry treasure! 
Wendy Gray
Head, AFTRS Open
I would highly recommend Marion to anyone looking for a speaker or panellist who can achieve an immediate connection with an audience. Marion is delightful, engaging, funny & intelligent & has an unrivalled ability to take people on an inspiring, humorous & thought-provoking journey. She is a sensation.  
Nicole Haack
National Chair of Variety The Children’s Charity
Managing Director – The Message Bureau
Marion Farrelly (Maz to pretty much anyone who’s ever met her), is, in my opinion one of Australia's best creative Executive Producers.  Her ability to create engaging & contagious material is second to none & she unites a team like no person I’ve ever worked with. Her ability deal with difficult situations (& people at times - happens in telly), in a calm & controlled manner & deliver over an above a clients expectations is unparalleled.  

I personally have had the privilege to have worked with Maz on multiple projects over the past 10 years & each project has been all the better for her input & leadership.

I couldn't recommend Maz higher for inspiring staff to be better, encouraging people to think differently or changing the way a piece of content (digital, presentation, television or other), should be prior to releasing.  She is exceptional at media training & manages to get the very best (& the most) out of the people she works with.

Best regards,
Sophie McGill
Executive Director APAC
Megastar Millionaire - MSMCI
Marion/ Maz has an uncanny ability to quickly identify & understand your key messages & translate them into communications that spring to life. She can hone & refine a speech at speed, finding exactly the right words, infusing them with expression that create an impact. For a time poor exec seeking communications that deliver, Marion is a must. She understands what an audience needs, how to script for different leadership styles & coach on presentation. Genius! I can’t rate her highly enough.
Fiona Wright
Group Manager Workforce Transition
People Experience and Capability
Australia Post
Hi Marion,

I just wanted to pass on some lovely feedback for the talk you delivered at Macquarie University this semester.

Students were asked at the end of the semester: "Of the various guests, which have you found the most engaging, interesting & helpful in terms of your aims or aspirations after graduation?"

A huge number chose to discuss you - proof that you really did interest, engage & inspire. I hope you'll consider returning. Please find them attached:
Dr Susie Khamis
Department of Media, Music, Communication & Cultural Studies,
Macquarie University
Sydney NSW 2109
Very punchy and to the point.
Marion was not only funny, engaging & entertaining, but what she said resonated with me.
Marion Farrelly – whose lessons on overcoming challenges & the walls set ahead of you by society inspired me more than anyone else – frank & honest.
The vivacious Marion Farrelly – what an extraordinary inspiration for women who want to succeed in a predominately male profession.
Marion was by far the most engaging of speakers.
By far the most inspiring & empowering message came from Marion Farrelly, television producer. Her charisma had me instantly hanging on her every word & listening in awe to every piece of advice this incredible woman had to offer.
Marion was definitely the stand out for me, because her fiery determination & desire to be the best was raw & honest.
I found her lecture fascinating, inspirational & even nostalgic as she offered a stream of advice that will definitely benefit me in my work - she gave a series of unforgettable anecdotes.
Marion Farrelly was a second stand out for me due to her strong, unapologetically opinionated & independent attitudes.